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The combination of yoga with Veronica and voicework with Sophie promises to offer a unique and playful platform for deep explorations of embodiment. Out of Veronica’s exquisite yoga practice, we will continue the subtle internal investigations towards greater wholeness through singing. You will be taught, by ear, beautiful simple ensemble pieces from across the world that encourage a profound sense of connection and collaboration through harmony. There is something inexplicably powerful, exciting and restorative about singing alongside others in embodied harmonies!

Sophie is committed to encouraging a profoundly compassionate approach to breath-work; investigating different ways of relating to airflow in order to support a more embodied relationship to singing. The aim of working in this way, bringing a friendly and playful curiosity to internal mechanisms, is to help open up new ways of connecting to the voice, liberating individual expression. The more we become attuned to the joyful even ecstatic sensations of singing, letting go of any preconceived ideas of our own ‘ability’, the more we enable the release of unhelpful ‘holdings’. We discover, from the inside, what kinds of ‘doings’ might help the all-important ‘undoings’. As in our yoga practice, such internal investigations can be challenging, as we come up against our own vulnerabilities, discovering unnecessary tensions that might restrict us. But the rewards are precious. By revealing more of our own truth to ourselves through singing, alongside others in harmony, we can be more authentic in our communications and, in turn, feel more empowered to unite and be moved in community. 

Sophie unterrichtet Stimmarbeit auf Englisch (wenn notwendig mit deutscher Übersetzung), Veronica Yoga/Bodywork auf Deutsch & Englisch. 

Jeweils nach dem Abendessen gibt es Zeit für informelles Zusammensitzen und wer mag, stellt eines oder mehrere seiner Lieblingslieder zum gemeinsamen Singen vor. 

Seminarzeiten: Do, 27.10., 16:30 - So, 30.10. mittags

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